Under the Radar
Life was cold and everything was so damn complicated
My heart was stuck in the middle, it was so intimidated
Every small move I made was watched with sneer,
Every effort I made held with sceptism
That’s what I used to be but now the sorrows have disintegrated

Out of radar, guess now is the time for me to show
I run fast and suddenly I found everything quickly grows into a solid purpose
But I’ll always remember a little man in the afterglow of a lost race,
Trying to prove a thing or two to the world,
Well, that’s little me, covered by dust not so long ago…
From a fall that shook the ground around me.

Out of radar, maybe you’ll never know who I am
Far from the crowds, you might never know who this man is
Suddenly time goes by and here is where I barely stand
You’ll never know me now, I’ve ‘done with all the best I can
But still,it proves nothing to the world
In my heart,I know all my strugles and small victories
None in the world needs to declare me a victor or a loser;
It’s for my life that I live

Out of radar, but then I believe that it’s worth waiting
Suddenly all the dust storms turn to gold, once these eyes blink and blink again
The glory of a shining crown wipes away all my sorrows and tears
Well, maybe I have lost everything in order to gain everything
I’ve been dying before this, but you can see that now I’m breathing

Out of radar, in the darkness of the day, I drowned
It’s like I was the worst thing on earth, cynically the world frowned on me
I’ve tried to be good, but then mercilessly it always brought me down
But look at me now and see who’s finally got the crown

Out of radar, I’ve been up and down in this long journey
Been trying to be anything else but then realize it’s not me
All the miseries have gone and the pain has turned to history
Slowly but sure, I finally found the right person who to be;I want to be out of everyone’s radar
…Coz that’s the only way I can be that person that I want to be;
And that is to be Myself.

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