Sometimes we whine
Gripe and complain
Singing the victim’s
Familiar refrain

Blaming the world
For all that’s wrong
Each new day
The same old song

It’s a trap we crawl into
A place where we hide
Keeping our spirit
Stuffed deep inside

Somehow forgetting
We determine our fate
That the life which we lead
We chose to create

Each decision we make
Each thought we embrace
Affects the complexion
Of the world we face

If our food for thought
Is a negative meal
That is what
We will taste as real

If we dwell on anger
Injustice and pain
We’ll tend to attract
More of the same

If we suffer, hopeless
At the mercy of all
We are the ones
Keeping us small

Placing the blame
On somebody else
Puts the solution
Outside of ourselves

We are Source
Awakens the captain
To master his course in this life!