Sometimes we invest heavily
In wrong and right
As if the world
Were black and white

Suppose you took
The color away
There’d still be countless
Shades of gray

Countless opinions
And points of view
Countless thoughts
On which to chew

Should you find something
That works for you
You may want to assume
It will work for me too

But I am unique
In my view of the world
How my thoughts and beliefs
Have swirled and Twirled

In what I’ve experienced
What I like and detest
In what brings me joy
Or brings out my best

If I am to find
My place on this Earth
If I’m to find meaning
Feel value and worth

I require the freedom
To play and explore
To learn from mistakes
To make even more

To try on ideas
To try out new things
To find my own truth
To give my heart wings

To be sacred me
In a rainbow of colors
Not a two-tone clone
Spoonfed by others

No matter how good
Their intentions may be
No one else can see
What’s right for me

I am more capable
Than you can know
Your fears and limits
Won’t help me grow

Coloring outside the lines
Is essential
Like you, I am born
with pure potential of just being myself.