There is a hidden treasure among my mementos in my life that captures my most treasured memories in my childhood;

It is an old bean bag i made when i was a child

I was very poor then but i made the best of it

One fine day, my PE teacher said we should collect beans and make a bean bag

Parents i had none,neither beans

but a bean bag i must make for my teacher

Back then,i used to live in an orphanage near a big river that would run low on dry season

Every weekend,we boys,the forsaken lot without parents would go for a swim in the shallow edges of the river

and afterwards sun ourselves on the warm rocks by the banks

It was fun when it lasted.

But in the quiet moments,it used to get lonely wondering what happened to the families we should have had

No brothers,no sisters

No mother,no father

No enemies,no friends

We were all alone in the world

Then the game would begin;

collecting pebbles!

White pebbles for “beautiful sisters”

Brown pebbles for “handsome brothers”

Big pebbles for “mum and dad’

Black pebbles for “enemies”

Grey pebbles for “FRIENDS”-looking back now,we were right;friends always come in shades of grey-never sure about their true colours!

The collection grew over time;very many brothers,very many sisters,very many friends,very many enemies,two big pebbles for mum and dad,for there could only be one mum and one dad!

The collection was well kept under the bed,hidden.

When wronged,the two big pebbles “LISTENED” to the sad story told from teary eyes under the cover of blanket with muffled cries of “MUM”,”DAD”…why did they do this to me? Holding the cold big pebbles to my heaving chest full of raging emotions was the best comfort i ever had from ‘MUM”  and “DAD”!

When i won,the white and brown pebbles slept on my bed all night;i shared my joy with my ‘BROTHERS” and “SISTERS”

When i was happy, i laid down all my grey pebbles on my table and we made merry with my “FRIENDS”

When i was angry,i threw away some black pebbles;my “ENEMIES”

Looking at this collection of pebbles now,all the black pebbles are gone;for each angry moment i had,i threw some away till they were all gone.

But i still get angry sometimes and i have to throw some pebble away, usually,the most grey of the grey pebbles and it makes me feel just fine..

But there are the pebbles i used to make the bean bag;they are all there to this moment

They represent my most treasured memories-white,brown,black,grey…they are very precious to me for keeping me company through all these years…all of them important to me in very different ways!

They are my most treasured memories-everyone else left,but they stayed-LONG LIVE MY PEBBLE BEAN BAG!