I know of a perfect man for you
One that you dreamed of since you were sixteen
The one you have always been waiting for
To sweep you off your feet with love
Using the first lines that have never been used on you before

A man who fully understands a woman
Patient on his first moves
Patient on his first kiss
Patient on his first advance
Patient on everything except your own needs and wants

I know of a man who will love;
All your family
All your friends
All your child hood buddies
All your first loves
The man who will not mind hearing a story about
the first man who stole your innocence and made you a woman

I know of a man who will listen
To all your past heartaches
To your story on your first infatuation
To the story of your love life
To the story about all your brothers and sisters
To the story about your first boyfriend
To the story about all your ex’s
And not raise a bad word about it

I know of a man who will provide for all your needs;
Best love
Loads of clothes
A mansion on the hill

Best car on wheels
Exotic cutlery
Best furniture and drapes
The best of kitchen and recipes
Loads of money and whatever money can buy

I know of a man who will always be on your side
Always home for you before dusk
Always welcome all your friends and family
Will never cricticise you
Will always compliment you for the woman you really are
Always take you out to the best joints in town and countryside

I know this perfect man for you

Who doesn’t smoke

Who doesn’t drink
Who doesn’t fail
Who doesn’t play you
Who gives you the best in and out of bed

I know this man!
Yes,I know this perfect man for you..


He is just a figment of your own imagination!

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