An ancient legend tells that a virtuous man was unjustly accused of murdering a noble woman. In reality, the true author of the wrongdoing was an influential person in the Kingdom. This is the reason why it was found a poor scapegoat…

The virtuous man was judged. He already knew that he would not escape the death penalty. The judge, playing his role to the end, wanted to give the trial the appearance of justice. He then said to the accused:

-We all know your reputation of virtuous man. Look at these two pieces of paper: on one is written the word guilty, on the other the word innocent. You must choose one of the two. Thus it will be God’s hand that will guide yours and the judgment will be fair.

Of course, the judge who had received orders from the Court, had written the word guilty on both pieces of paper. The accused was aware that they were setting him a trap. He hesitated to take a paper…

The Judge threatened him. The accused closed his eyes, took a deep inspiration and remained silent for a few seconds. The room began to grow impatient. He then opened his eyes and with a strange smile dug one of the papers… to swallow it immediately!

The judges were surprised and indignant:

-Miserable! What have you done? How will we know the verdict now?

-It’s very simple replied the man. If we read the paper that remains, we will know what was said in the one that I swallowed.

With much grunts and ill-concealed rage, the magistrates had to release their accused… which was never worried again.

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