I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
It’s not my fault that with a broken heart, I’ve gone this way;the silent way.

Silence brings peace to my troubled mind.

In front of a mirror my broken heart has paraded me like a parrot,
And behind the mirror the heart tells me what to say;but I chose to remain silent lest my words hurt someone.

Whether I am perceived as a thorn or a rose, it’s
The Gardener of love who has fed and nourished me day to day.

O friends, don’t blame me for this broken heart;
Inside me there is a great jewel and it’s to the Jeweler’s shop I go.

If he can carve out this jewel of my love out of my heart and give it free to someone,its true value will have been realised;but I will never sell it for money!

Even though, to converted, drinking wine is a sin,
Don’t judge me; I use it as a bleach to wash the color of hypocrisy away.
And this total silence hides away all the pain in my heart.

All that laughing and weeping of some lovers must be coming from some other place;
Here, all night and day, I sing with my winecup and then moan for You all day.

If someone were to ask Bernard, “Why do you spend all your time sitting in
The Winehouse door?,” to this man I would say, “From there, standing,
  I can see both the Path and the Way that leads me away from all my troubles!

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