“A man’s strength is measured by the tenderness in his heart”

It takes much to be a true man…
It’s not just simply the gender;
Some think it’s about the looks
But I know the truth…

It’s all about loving;
That spellbinding, radiation of pure, unconditional love…

You know a real man by the way he acts;
Every unselfish thing he does…
Knowing he will always be there to help
Inside, a real man is filled with love

A real man cries…
And he does;
His heart has known pain
He’s also known love which has left molded impressions deep within

A real man opens himself up to life experiences
Opening your heart is never wrong
And he has taught that not only to myself, but to others as well…

Within his rippled embrace; his strong, caring embrace
Solitude can be found
If only you take the time to know his depth and breadth

Very few know the true measure of a man;
Very few know the true measure of THIS man…
Every day,I feel it and his love makes me strong

May God grant him peace and serenity as he journeys on the sacred travels of his life
May he know only love; feel love…always
Until the stars fall from the skies
Until Mercury crumbles
Until the end of his days…

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