I’ve been trying to cry
Every night
For the past seven years
through the cheers
And fears
But my eyes remain clear

I want to clear all the pain,hurt and guilt in my heart,but it is not easy being a MAN

As hard as I want to let it all out
My eyes are in a drought
The rains won’t come to save me
Help me
Make me

I am weak
Because I can only stare at the sadness in front of me
With a lump in my throat
And I choke
But that’s as far as I go

I want to cry
It’s not strange how people ask me why
I just say
It’s my way
Of showing I’m still human
I want to be a strong man

So just because I haven’t shed a tear
Don’t assume I’m not afraid
I have plenty of fear
I’m only human and the day will come
When my rains will drown out the Sun

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