One day the father a very rich family brings his son to the countryside to show him how the poor people live.  They spend a few days on the farm of a family that does not have much to offer.


When they return, the father asks his son: “Did you like your stay?”


“It was fantastic Dad!”


“Have you seen how poor people live?”, asks again the father.


“Oh yes!”, replies the son


“So what have you learned?”


The son responds: “I have seen that we had only a dog when they have four.  We have a swimming pool which is half of the garden and they go to a large creek on the sea.  We lanterns in our garden and they have stars in the sky.  We have a huge front gallery and they have the horizon.  We have a domain but they have endless fields of view.  We have some servants while they serve others.  We buy our products, and they cultivate them.  We have walls around the property to protect us.  They have friends to protect them.”


The father remained silent.


The son added: “Thank you Dad for showing me all that we don’t have”.


Too often we forget what we acquired to mope on what we don’t have.  What is an worthless object for one may very well be a treasure for another.  This is just a matter of perspective.  It is to ask what would happen if we gave thanks for everything we have instead of wanting more.


Learn to appreciate what you “have”.